Characteristics of Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels tend to have specific characteristics which set them apart and differentiate them from other hotels. Even though this does not apply to all of them, some of the most common features of boutique hotels include the following

Serene Location

Most boutique hotels are located in popular urban areas, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You will find most boutique hotels in high-end neighbourhoods.

Personalised Service

From the day you check in to your hotel room, you will be treated to personalised service. The waiters and room attendants will know your name, and even make an effort to find out where you come from, and your passion. You will also get customised meals, and you can even order for a meal to be prepared specifically for you in the way you like it.

Local Culture

One of the reasons boutique hotels are popular, especially among tourists, is that they tend to celebrate the local culture and uphold the heritage and art of the country. Some of the hotels adopt a theme and use it in the decor, and there are others which even have a unique theme for every room in the hotel.

Small Size

Boutique hotels tend to be small, and the rooms are fewer compared to chain hotels. They have an intimate feel which makes it feel like home. You do not have to worry about congestion during meal times or when using the amenities at the hotel.

Uniqueness and Individuality

Unlike chain hotels, where many of them have the same look, boutique hotels have some individuality which sets them apart. They are all undoubtedly unique in their own ways, in the services they provide, the decoration and theme used to construct them, and the general fit. Simply put, it is rare for you to visit two boutique hotels and feel as though you are getting the same experience.